Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mandatory Wine Tasting

"It's the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!!"
I was looking for a reason to skip biology today when I got a call from my sister. She needed a ride, and preferably not with a police officer. As she was talking I could hear ridiculous cackling in the background. I went to pick her up and she came walking out of the house in her work clothes with the goofiest smile on her face while my other sister stood in the doorway rubbing her face. Hmmm.

As I was jealous that I was no longer intoxicated, I realized how sad it was that we all decided to drink on a Tuesday night. I voiced this thought to my sister, who was laid all the way back in my passenger seat with her arms over her face. The sky was too bright. Might I add that it is raining in Minneapolis today? She told me that she was forced to drink, which is funny because I'm not sure that is possible. She said, "No really, it was mandatory." I assume that is why she was wearing her work clothes.

All my sisters work at a "restaurant". Annual wine tasting took place last night, and it is mandatory. How a facility can make such a thing mandatory seems like some sort of ploy. Where is the manager that is taking behavior notes? Next week who is going to be pulled aside and chidded for being drunk on the job?

Now, I hope you know I'm kidding. No one is really taking notes. But I'm serious about the wine, 32 different kinds. That's a lot of wine for a bunch of co-workers.. Except for the underage employees. They get to smell the wine. What makes me laugh is that my underage sister was "smelling wine" and she woke up just as intoxicated as the other two.

I feel like they should be in a movie.

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