Monday, October 26, 2009

Technology- this is how I study...

Technology is continually evolving. Easy sentence, four words, killer meaning. In the short term, things such as television and computers have positive effects with things such as communication or information contribution. But, eventually with each new advancement we grow used to not having to respond to information with a reaction or any emotion at all. We assume some sort of unawareness as we become more isolated and disconnected. Our facial reactions can no longer be monitored by others because news is not being given to us by real people. We find out about politics, friends, and family through the Internet and the news stations. Our patience runs short with real people because a news caster can deliver a message in 30 seconds. Malcolm Gladwell said it takes ten years of consistent practice to become a master of craft, but with the Internet one can become a master in less than a minute. Thank you technology for eventually making us regress in productivity, and you look so good when you do it. Damn, I want a plasma TV installed over my window so I don't even need real light. 

Call me hypocritical, but I like this fricken blog because I don't have to watch you judging me in face to face communication. I can say whatever the Hell I want and it will be broadcasted all across the world in two seconds and I could care less. Asian, African, Caucasian, whatever, as long as I don't have to see the reaction on your face, I'm happy? Why do I feel like there are so many things wrong with that??

You know, there is so many things wrong with that. 
I'm going to bed all pissed off, and you wouldn't know that if I didn't just tell you cause you CAN'T SEE MY FACE. 

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